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Robert Ade.....Investment Property Specialist


 If you're looking to Buy Investment Property in western Washington State your in the right place.  Investment is dedicated to helping you make the most of your real estate investments.  Hello, my name is Robert Ade and I am the founder.  I am more than just another real estate broker...I am also an experienced real estate investor with plenty of practical experience that benefits my clients on every transaction.  I started out with one cash flow fourplex plex years ago and have built up a sizeable real estate portfolio consisting of Rental Houses, Duplexes, 4 Plexes, Apartment buildings, and Condos. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced investor I look forward to working with you, sharing a few stories, and helping you build your real estate wealth just like I have already done with so many others.  I truly believe that real estate is the best path to wealth.  

If you are already looking for a specific type of property visit my "Realty Watcher" tab and fill in the specifics. When a property that meets your criteria hits the market you will be automatically notified.

If you are looking to Sell your Investment or Residential Property I will work hard to help you get top dollar. Your success is my success because I am looking to be your lifetime real estate broker.   I am confident that no other agent can market your Investment or Residential property like I can.  Any agent can put your property on the MLS. Ninety-nine percent of all agents are focused on residential real estate and no very little about how to really market to investors. When it comes time to sell your investment its important to work with a specialist.  How will I market your property in addition to the MLS? For years I have collected information on investors throughout our area...I will market directly to other investors that I feel are good candidates for your property and I will explain all the benefits of investing in your property to these buyers.  Many investors are not checking the internet every day for new listings but would still buy a good investment if it was presented to them...thats were I come in and get the job done.  I speak the language of investing to other investors, from experience with my own properties and other peoples I can answer the questions and aleve the anguish that often comes with a new investment.  I am also a member of local real estate investor associations and can market your property thru them as well.